Do you want to know what it takes get paid to write and produce music for TV? 


I've been doing it for 21 years, make 6 figures+, and want to show you everything I know in my private membership. 


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Give me the gift of your this video.

and after you join Production Music Club, you will get that time back. I want you and I to spend some time together. I want you to understand how Production Music Club can impact your music, and fundamentally change how you write.
 I tried to show it in a 3-min video, but it didn't work. This isn't a commercial for chicken nuggets or stove cleaner. I want you to truly understand how this can benefit you. 
Many composers think that a new $$$ sound library will fix things, or if they just had the right publisher to call, or if they just had more time. Enough of that. Don't go it alone. Let me reframe that for you. This is the info you didn't know you needed...

I could not ask for a better testimonial:

"The course at Media Music Mastery and the Production Music Club are both top notch, and that's for one key reason: Todd C. Burns. Todd is a rare instructor and online community leader who is not only very talented, and an inspirational teacher, but also a down-to-earth guy with a great sense of humor.

Todd understands that composers are artists who often have self-doubts and second-guess their work. However, at every step of the way, Todd somehow manages to make his students feel like they can be successful, and that it's not as hard as they may believe to do great work.

He then backs this up by being extremely responsive in the Production Music Club, giving generously in-depth replies to questions that arise. You'll also find Todd is very supportive, offering helpful, gently-delivered critiques to those who request them.

If you want an instructor and forum moderator who truly cares about his students, doesn't take himself too seriously, will show you how you might be able to make a lot of extra money in library music, and inspires you to run out and compose your heart out, this is the home you've been looking for." - Biago Messina

You just need a chance

Right? If someone could show you the way, you KNOW your music could earn money.

Make TV-Ready Music From Your Home Studio

This method has been road-tested for 21 years of full-time TV music production.

BUDGET-FRIENDLY Low Monthly Membership 

Your first month is absolutely risk-free with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee. 

 What if you could hear your music on TV?

You are learning how to produce music. Great start!

And now you wonder if you’ll ever make money with your music. Build a huge Spotify following? Release a single on iTunes? Accidentally run into Ariana Grande’s manager?
If you’re not sure what the possibilities are in the 2020’s….oh trust me, you’re not alone.
With the Production Music Club, hand in hand with the Media Music Mastery course, we’ll make sure you are armed and ready…
To send out your music to TV music library publishers, find a home for your music, and start getting that mailbox money!
That's me in 1998, at the Fork-In-The-Road>>>>

Dear fellow composer, producer, songwriter:

Would you like an insider's look at what it takes to write and produce music for TV?

So you probably have a hard drive full of unheard songs, or unfinished ideas. And you don’t know what to do with them, right?

You may have taken a course on how to write pop songs, and got excited that you finally finished few songs in a month! Right? Great! I bet your Mom loves it!

Now what?

Does anyone make money with music anymore?

Is Spotify the thing? Doesn’t seem like it, from all the griping I’ve heard about teeny payouts.

Do you need 5 million fans or a giant YouTube channel? So you JUST need to get a few million views on your videos and YouTube will send you checks? Okay, THAT seems like quite an undertaking.

I have like 210 subscribers. On the videos on other channels with my most popular songs on YouTube, people always thank the channel owner for uploading great music. okay, thanks?

I knew nothing about TV music.

I was a rosy-cheeked 20-something, moving to Los Angeles with the promise of a publishing deal waiting for me.

Let me spare you the sad details, but they include the deal falling apart, and years of soul-sucking temp jobs, delivering documents and driving my wife's car into the ground, and assembling furniture. 

HELLO DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND <insert sobbing sounds>

I had this naïve idea.

What if I could make some extra money doing instrumental music for something like TV, while I'm trying to get together a demo that will knock a new publisher off it's feet?

Okay, as if you can just snap your fingers and start making money on the side. Let's hear it for youthful exhuberance and Grade-A ignorance of how things work.

I was just thinking of how much harder it is to write a song, write lyrics, get a singer over, play engineer while they sing the same line 20 times, shop to publishers.

Hey, I'll just use my little home studio to write instrumental stuff and find a home for it!

Oh, Todd, you poor, dumb child.

HOWEVER... me not knowing any better is exactly why I thought it was a spectacular idea to randomly pick a handful of publishers out of a BOOK (those are sheets of paper with info printed on them, bound together in a volume OR SO I'M TOLD) and MAIL off demos (the mail is a service that delivers actual non-digital items OR SO I'M TOLD).

Sometimes I like to say that Fate was simply taking pity on me, sad that my dreams fell apart and I was driving around Los Angeles, assembling furniture from IKEA and Staples and drowning my sorrows in Popeye's Fried Chicken.

CUT TO: I start working with a few publishers.

I had no idea of the potential of this thing. I was still focused on being a big shot songwriter and producer. I cringe now at the idea that I was almost "looking down" on this music library thing.

I could've missed out on the Whole Enchilada.

After all, I had left Nashville in a Blaze of Glory, a publishing deal waiting for me in LA LA Land, I had hung out in Babyface's Beverly Hills mansion with Toni Braxton (kids, they were HUGE in the mid 90's), other recording artists like Jon B and El DeBarge, hanging out at the sweet recording studio of my future publishers on Beverly Drive...and this was shortly after coming off the road from a tour PLAYING TROMBONE with a country music star, ending with an epic New Year's eve gig in Las Vegas. I was flying high.

I had momentum and hope and I just KNEW that I was gonna hear my songs on the radio and be pimping a sweet ride and buying my wife WHATEVER SHE FREAKING WANTS.

and make my parents proud

and no longer struggle

SO...I had a hard time letting go...

But of What? This was just about the time of the rise of Napster (google it) and digital file sharing. 

The Record Business didn't see IT coming.

They were trying to stop the future. The time of digital distribution and streaming was on it's way, like a slow rising tide, and they were going 'pew pew' with lawsuits, fighting a flood with buckets.

and so..the Record Business starting falling apart, my friends who were successful writers and producers eventually all lost their place as things were kind of shaking down and budgets crumbled.

Right around this time, Fall of '98, I was in NY, co-producing a song with a male R&B group on Motown..and that same month I got my first placement on TV, a talk show.

I didn't know it yet...but this was a giant Fork-In-The-Road.

Here's a very quick wrap up:

Even though I watched them shoot the music video on the salt flats out in the California desert, and I was envisioning my phone ringing off the hook... they decided to go with a different single. and basically no one knew my song existed. I didn't get the co-producing credit. I was listed simply as some dude who programmed the drums and keys.

I wrote for about another year or so with one of the co-writers of that song...that fizzled...okay, ended on a sour note.

So between the record biz both fading and screwing me over for the last time....and my quarterly payments from TV placements going up every quarter...

Yeah, I finally GOT IT. 

TV Music libraries are a legit thing. shows need music, and one day I called one of my publishers and said " if I gave you more music? What do you need?"

I had a glimpse of the future, the possibilities. Of course it didn't hurt that he told me one of his top writers was making over $10,000 a month.

About January, 2000, Y2K, my then ASCAP check showed up. It was $9,000 for the quarter, or about $3,000 per month to live on for 3 months. I needed just about $3,000/month to live. HOLY. CRAP. My expenses were covered until the next quarterly check. I WAS OFFICIALLY A FULL TIME COMPOSER. This was a special milestone for me, for sure. I was beaming with happiness, overwhelmed with relief. It was suddenly possible to envision $10k/mo checks.

Now, these days, if I don't make at least $10,000 a month, I'm kinda screwed. Life in LA in a house with 2 hungry teenagers is no joke.

NOW, disclaimer. I'm not here to be your agent or some kind of middle man. I am here to show you everything I know about the TV music library business, including what kind of music gets placed, what it sounds like, and show you step-by-step how I do it.

If my name and my music were erased from the minds and hard drives of publishers and editors and music supervisors by some evil comic book Super Villain...well, that would suck...

BUT..I would be okay.

Having the ability to write and produce all of these styles I've honed over the years, being able to create music that's in demand... and deliver that in crisp 24-bit, 48K and ready to broadcast..

It's my Super Power.

I could start again, rebuild. make relationships. My music would make a way. Within a year of making 5-10 tracks a week, I would have hundreds of new tracks out there, like little yellow Minions, working on my behalf. Fortunately, this Super power can be carried out not in skin-tight brightly colored spandex, but at at home, quite possibly in underpants. Your Welcome, Entire Universe that has eyeballs.

and so...Is that enough about me...because I feel like that's really just quite enough about me.


  • would you like to understand what it takes to get your music on TV?
  • did you know there's a place for ALL kinds of music out there, in promos, in trailers, on TV? and it has nothing to do with having 100,000 Spotify followers?
  • did you know that ready-for-broadcast music can be created in hours, not days?


I'm asking because, well, I didn't know.

In another video, I ask "Did you know there's music on talk shows?", because when I first told friends what I was doing. several pretty much said "There's music on talk shows?"

A little perspective on music education prices

Now, I'm not saying Production Music Club is the same as a 4-year degree...but I'm saying this will be truly educational and eye-opening, and taught by a full-time working composer/ producer/ songwriter, and real-world tools, with real-time experience backing up everything I teach.

Also, I'm feeling a little silly about my prices right now.

Most people have heard of Full Sail University. 


CSU Northridge is considered a bargain.


NYU Tisch School of The Arts



"So after a week, I can confirm this course is a great value. Really enjoy the way Todd teaches, his sense of humor, his capacity to focus on the essential (I have lot of online courses and many of them could cut large part of their speech). 'Keep it simple’ is a major principle in music composition : that is what Todd does perfectly in this course.
And that works !"

Jonas Pettersson

"I’m not a professional composer or producer, but I always wanted to learn how media music production works as I love to make music. PMC has truly helped me to distinguish what is necessary and what is not, how to simplify my approach and quickly put together a good sounding track that works.

The assignments are reviewed, and it helps a lot to put the knowledge given in the video lectures into practice. PMC simply is awesome to get you further on your path of producing good music!"

Art Turner

"I took Todd up on this a couple weeks ago. I have learned tons of stuff so far by watching Todd work through his creative process and create tracks in real time. He has also done breakdowns of completed tracks to show what makes them work. The video lessons are entertaining and super informative. He has been posting weekly challenges to help us members hone our skills and develop new ones. It also gives us a chance to have our work critiqued by a working industry pro."

David S.

“Yes this course is the best source of Inspiration and knowledge I have found to date! I have written more tunes in the last week than I have written in the last month, great teaching style and just plain teaches you what you need to know in layman’s terms!!” 


Biagio Messina

TV Producer, Filmmaker

"Todd, you're showing 'down to earth' musicians that there are lucrative styles to compose in that they’re missing out on. That is really awesome. Your class is going to positively impact a lot of artists. Speaking for myself, as a filmmaker and producer who also composes music, the only person I’ve found so far talking about this in a meaningful way is you. In short, I think you are a generous goldmine of knowledge for musicians looking for untapped markets. You're going to help a lot of composers find extra income, and maybe even a new full-time career."


Where do you have music, Todd?

Here's a sampling of trailer albums, trailers, and TV shows I've had music on.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

I want you to feel like this is the place for you, where you are learning and growing. If it's not the place for you, then it's not the place for you!  Your first 30 days are no risk. After that, cancel anytime. 

Either you find within 30 days that the Production Music Club pushes you to another level, supports your growth as a musician, surrounds you with a community of like-minded composers and producers...or you don't spend a cent.

  • learn how to write for TV, without taking days to do it. (I do it in a few hours)
  • Be a part of a group of like-minded students, and don’t go it alone.
  • Be under the guidance of a teacher with battle scars and road rash, who knows how it works, who Has Seen Things He Cannot Unsee, and will steer you to avoid the mistakes he has made.
  • See step-by-step, in the DAW, how these tracks are created, without having to guess about what sounds work.
  • Never fear a blank computer screen again.
  • Learn how to be the kind of music creator that publishers call.
  • Understand how to get started, get it done, make it sound good, and get it out the door.
  • Learn how to be a music-making machine.
  • It’s the next best thing to being able to download All-The-Things-A-Music-Library-Composer-With-Over-20-Years-Experience-Knows into your brain, like Neo in The Matrix.
  • Get back to writing, with Weekly Composing Challenges
  • Have access to both Production Music Club, the community, and Media Music Mastery, the flagship course on TV Music Library production, that’s pre-loaded with over-the-shoulder videos in the DAW, taught in a casual and most definitely not-uptight style.
  • Hundreds of free sounds to make sure your arsenal is loaded.
  • Hundreds of free mixing and fx plugins to craft your sweet tracks into a work of art.
  • 280 FREE Custom trailer sound fx, and I show you how to LEGO them together to create a track,
  • Hundreds of free TV Music Library listings for when you are Ready To Rock.


Over 280 of my custom trailer sound effects, built for instant drama. I even show you how to drag-and-drop and LEGO together a track!


Links to HUNDREDS of FREE sounds! Everything you need to get started!


Links to HUNDREDS of FREE mixing and fx plugins! On a budget? Your mixing needs are covered!


LInks to HUNDREDS of TV Music Libraries! A Gold Mine!

Save years of guesswork.

You will know exactly what kinds of tracks get placed, and how to make them. I, your wartorn guide, have hacked my way through the jungle and made a path. of banana leaves. see these scars?!?!

Get in on a Best Kept Secret

Sure, seeing those fun comments on YouTube about your epic trailer piece is fun. Getting a placement from your light comedy piece "Late Night Fridge Raid" is actually...funner. BUT, I do show you how to get epic, also! <holds up Thor hammer, in my mind>

See exactly how it's done.

21-years full-time experience, some paint worn off and a few dings later... and I manage to point a camera at myself and show you, over-the-shoulder and step-by-step, the uncomplicated method for creating TV-Ready tracks with minimal fuss.

Is is Stuffy in here?

I am a professional. Publishers call me because I deliver like Amazon. I also like to make jokes about pants and not wearing them. 

OR you could just keep doing what you're doing...

you could just go back to doing your thing, going it alone, wondering what to do with your music.

For the price of Production Music Club, you could just keep getting that weekly Grande Latte Mocha Frosty Frothy Half-Caff Something Frappuccino at Starbucks, or one weekly meal at McDonalds or Taco Bell, and literally see that money go down the toilet (sorry).

Most likely this will NOT do much for your music - or your career. Money quite literally going down the...drain. #boo #hiss

I bet that you spend way more than the friendly price of PMC on random things each month, and you have no idea where it went.

Odds are you have spent more than a year’s worth of Production Music Club membership fees on one single sound library and have barely used it. Ouch. Oh trust me I have done the same, and worse. Multiple times. It hurts.

Take back a little control and steer this ship! You are WORTH it. People are learning and growing in here.

Member Price


Your price is locked in!


  • Pro-level, Real World production instruction
  • Creating broadcast-ready music from blank DAW to finished Mix
  • Non-stuffy, informal over-the-shoulder videos
  • A supportive community of like-minded composers
  • Continually updated and expanded lessons
  • Custom Modules will be added with Production Music Club Feedback
  • Feedback from instructors and fellow students
  • BONUS Background Vocal Module
  • BONUS Sound Design Module
  • BONUS HUNDREDS of FREE mixing and fx plugins
  • BONUS Hundreds of Music Library listings
  • BONUS HUNDREDS of FREE custom trailer SFX