Cinematic MIDI Packs to kick start your productions!

I created these using the same no-nonsense, efficient methods I've used to get a great sound and create dramatic music for TV for 22 years, but with minimum "drama".

Art Turner

"I've purchased several of Todd's MIDI packs. Which is odd, because I never really considered myself a MIDI pack person. I don't feel like I need MIDI packs to create compositions. I've gotten some TV placements, I've composed for corporate clients, I even wrote a ballet once. I'm pretty sure I was taking piano lessons long before Todd was born. And I can make my own C minor chord at home.
But anyone at any level can suffer from writer's block and would benefit from inspiration. Todd's MIDI packs can accelerate the production process by giving you something to put in the dreaded blank DAW. And it's helpful to see how others program their MIDI tracks to achieve a certain sound, especially composers who have been successful in the industry. That's why some people like to study MIDI mockups.
We're all on a journey to reach our own vision. Each of us needs different tools, training and skill development to keep moving forward. I have found Todd's various packs, like the minimal mystery cue starters, the Bourne pack, cinematic emotions, epic ostinatos and rhythm builders to all be tremendously helpful in both teaching how to achieve a specific style or sound, as well as validating some of my own approaches. For me, it's a chance to look under the hood and find out how to create a specific mood or sound. It's a chance to sharpen my technical skills and learn how to create the best "in-the-box" representation of the composition I hear in my head.
Bottom line? I have found value in every pack I've gotten so far, and I'll probably get more packs in the future. I hope this helps someone make the best decision for their own needs".

Biagio Messina

"What makes Todd’s MIDI packs so great could fill a phone book, so let me try to stick to the headlines:
1. For anyone who needs to create tons of music on a tight schedule, you will find enough seed ideas to get you off in running in no time. 
2. If you’re studying MIDI programming, these files are a Master Class on the kinds of performances, velocities, and modulation curves that give you “that” sound - it’s eye opening to see just what combination of settings really deliver in each genre. 
3. Seeing how Todd is able to get great orchestrations with minimal tracks, and to then view every detail broken out in your DAW, makes you feel like elevating your game has never been easier. 
Whether you’re just getting into the biz or you’re regularly slamming coffee and cranking out more cues than you probably should, these MIDI packs are for you. "

Damien C.

"I often buy midi packs from various producers. Most of the time I have to admit that I am disappointed. BUT the quality of midi packs on Media Music Mastery is really higher than all I have bought up to now. Not only the melody/chords progression choosen are really emotional, beautiful and inspiring. But having the automation (velocities …) already programmed is a real plus for quick composition and inspiration. Have bought quite a lot of them.
Highly recommand these midi packs.  👍"